Why is life so difficult?

I am writing after a very long time and it’s really difficult to put words to paper.Sometimes I wonder why should writing be difficult, after all speaking isnt difficult ..is it??
This leads me to wonder why there are so many difficult things in life.After all mankind as a whole has progressed from bashing each other on the head (primitive men) to sending emails to get messages across.We have been striving ,ever since we took our first steps (as apes/monkeys/neanderthals), to make things easy.We invented fire , we invented the wheel (somewhere along the way we aso invented the sword, the bow,the gun but lets not talk about that) all in the name of making things easy or less difficult.But are things really easy after 20,000 odd years of trying?
Lets look at the difficulties we face in our life.We have to get up every morning(and we all know how difficult that is !!), we have to brush our teeth , take a bath and travel to work / school,then at school / work we have to prove ourselves every day and compete with everybody else who wants the same things we do.It doesnt matter that we have been great 99 days out of 100,the fact that we have been moderate on the 100th day could change life.Thus,every day we have to bring relevance to our lives by making others feel irrelevant. 

Why do we treat life like a challenge?Why cant we simply learn to love and co- exist?Why do we have to show others that we are better than them simply by doing the very same things they do but in a more nastier / more effective way? 

I dont know the answer to all the above questions and I suspect that if life became very easy we probably would not like it and would then change track and think up ways to make life difficult. 

This brings us to another question, what do we mean by things being “easy” but that’s the subject of another blog!!!

I guess that we need to strike a balance between making things easy and between converting ourselves into vegetables who simply “exist ” and do not add any value to their / others existence.

This is the balance which still eludes us after 20,000 odd years of trying.

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